Lacey Crochet Beanie

I made this beanie for my granny for her birthday. The original pattern only has it for children to small adult head. It fits my small head. So I did figure out a way to make it fit more average size adult female.

imageThis is the original pattern on me. You can see the great lace and detail to the pattern. It may be pretty holy but it did keep my head pretty warm. Keep in mind I do live in Southern California so it doesnt get super cold but it was nice and toasty in the 40 degree weather I wore it in.

The link for the pattern can be found here. It is called Bringham One Skein Hat. It is a free pattern and I am sharing how I got it to become larger. The larger one fits my mothers head nicely.


large on left and original small pattern on right

The small one I did add another repeat of the pattern. It is 7 inches long. The large is 8 long.


This is the close up of the main pattern.


Tag I made using my new Paper Smooches Stamp Set

To make the more adult sized hat I made the top solid. I know how to increase in a circle but it was harder to add all the pretty lacy bits and get them right.

You follow the start chain and round 1 from the pattern. Then you 4 more rounds in your normal circle increase patterns. When I wrote it out for myself I just put down the numbers for the patterns.

2) 2 dc in all around

3) 2, 1 around

4) 2, 1, 1 around

5) 2, 1, 1, 1 around

Then you start in with the lace pattern that has you make the V stitch and chain then sc chain. I skipped the picot. I hope this helps and makes sense if you have questions leave them in a comment below I would be happy to help you out with that.

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  1. katrahan says:

    That’s really cute!


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