Flower Dishcloth/Washcloth

I made a washcloth to go with some sugar scrub soap that I made to give to my best friends for Christmas this year. I used some leftover cotton yarn for this. Her favorite color is green so this is a green flower.


I kinda made up the pattern based on other dishcloths. It may be very similar to ones already out there. I will put what I did below.  You may use the pattern and share the pattern. Link to my blog.

Flower Dishcloth/Washcloth Pattern 

100% Cotton Yarn (I used sugar n cream)

H hook

Ch 4 and join with Sl st (could also use magic circle)

ch3, 10 dc into circle

ch3, 2 dc in each dc (20 dc)

ch 3 dc ch1 2 dc into st, *skip 1 dc, 2dc ch1 2dc, repeat from * around, slip stitch into ch1 space

ch 3 dc ch2 2 dc into st, *into ch1 space 2dc ch2 2dc, repeat from * around slip stitch into ch2 space

ch 3 2dc ch2 3 dc into st, *into ch2 space 3dc ch2 3dc, repeat from * around slip stitch into ch2 space

ch3 7dc, sc between clusters, 8dc in ch2 space repeat around, 2dc to finish starting shell (I like to do half my shell and then come back to it at the end. I feel it give a neater finished result)

If you dont understand anything please ask I would be happy to help you figure it out. I am by no means a pattern writing expert.

This would look cute with the center done in a brown or black with the rest in a solid color.

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