Card Box

This is the box I made for my twelve cards and envelopes to go into. For the pattern on making the box you can find that here. I added tissue paper on the side to help prevent sliding around in the box.

imageI wanted it to look very much like a present since I am sending it in the Christmas boxes with the rest of the presents but since the cards are more everyday I wanted to keep the box looking more everyday. I did add a Christmas tag to give it a little Christmas feel. It is loosely tied on so it can be removed if they want to.



Here are the three different boxes that I ended up making. I used some textured paper for the boxes to make it a little more sturdy. The bows are each different. The one on the left is a double loop with no tails. I didnt have enough ribbon cut to leave tails. The middle is in the shear black ribbon so it has three loops. The one on the right is a normal double loop bow. I did these using a pick and the fork bow technique. To find a video on this go here.

Now to see the cards that I made. This is all 12 cards.



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