Get Well Tissue Box Card

So I am going to try my hand at sort of a minor tutorial or just showing you a few different stages of this cute card. It was a bit of work but so worth it. They are totally adorable.

wpid-20141103_115946.jpg1) Pick some pretty patterned paper. The one I chose was ok. I wanted a nice small image but if there was more close together it would have made more better looking boxes.

2) Cut the paper to 3″ x 2 1/4″ and score on all sides at 1/4″ and 1/2″

3) cut in the corners leaving one square. So it looks like above. I cut along on side of the square so that you can move it and fold it in.

4) cut a oval out of the top center of the middle section. I used my smallest oval cutter from making memories.

image5) cut the back piece that I was going to put my box on. cut this to 2 1/4″ x 1 1/2″

6) I cut the ring for my box out of the back sheet to save paper. I cut the smaller oval and then the one a 1/4″ bigger. I glued these on to the front of the box.

7) I glued the box together. Folding in the sides till it formed a nice box. This part is pretty tricky. It took some time and lots of patience. I used liquid glue so I had time to move and shift things to my liking.

8) glue on the back piece

9) I took a tissue and folding it to form a small square. Then I started to cut it in half and half again till I had enough for all my boxes. Since there is a hole in the back piece it was easy to take the tip of the tissue piece and put it in to hole to the front of my project. I fiddled with it till I liked how it looked and tucked the rest of the square in the box.

You can see the five finished boxes above.

wpid-20141123_234236.jpgHere is the finished card. Sorry for the poor image quality. I made my own stripped patterned paper using my ruler and a marker. I found a color that matched the color in the flowers as well as I could. It is a little lighter then the accent color I chose.

The ribbon was white. I colored it with the same marker so that it matched. The white blended into the paper too well.

I took the Get Well sentiment from my Hero Arts Everyday Sayings stamp set. I embossed it with Zing opaque white embossing powder. This one is not the fine detail powder so it was harder to get even. First time I have used it. Jennifer McGuire fixes it with some white gel pen so I think I will try that out. There are a few spots that need some touch ups.


imageHere are some close ups of the box so you can see the dimension. It does pop up quite a bit. May be better card for hand delivering or in a box then trying to send in the mail. I still need to check how well it goes in an envelope. But isnt it just super cute.


This really came from someone else. Even the sizes. Though from the pictures mine looks taller. But you should check out there card to see a different take on the card. You can check that out here. Hope you liked this more detailed post it is kinda long but I wanted to add more instructions and tips and tricks.

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