Distress Ink charts

I finally got the time to fill in the charts with the distress inks I have. I only have five of them but it is nice to see them up close and in the color chart as well. I rubbed my ink pad straight to the paper for these swatches.

imageThe color wheel chart is from Britta Swiderski. She has a few posts about color wheels and color relationships that may be useful to some of you. You can check out the post with the chart here. I know they have helped me in my design work. I actually learned about these things in school since I got my Web Design degree from an art school. My circles are just the smallest one I had which is bigger then the circles on the chart but it will work out just fine.

The other chart I am sure many of you know about. But for those that may be newer to the distress ink world much like me it is from Ranger. They have a lot of charts for there different products that you can download and use. The distress ink one can be found here.

I will be sticking these front to back in a sheet protector to keep them safe.

Let me know what Distress Inks you use?



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