I Love Yarn Day

So I haven’t been knitting or crocheting much because it has been sooo warm here. Still feels like summer.

Today wasnt all that bad so I decided to finish up a project. This is my stuffed owl. This pattern is a total stash buster and is very cute. I made it because my best friend decorated her classroom with owls so I wanted to make her an owl for the classroom.  Since I used leftover yarn I didnt follow the directions of how far one cimageolor would go.image


Here is the front. I used an f hook for the eyes. And instead of doing the stitched on beak I made mine by just ch 3, sc in two chains and then a sc together to make a triangle like shape. I whip stitched it together. For the back I did do a patch of purple. I was going to make it all brown but when I started this I was not at home and didnt have enough brown and thought I could do it with what I had. he is pretty cute. I stuffed it with leftover yarn bits. Here is the Owl Stuffy Pattern. The pattern is free.

Hope you enjoy. Really wish that it would be cooler so I would feel like doing yarn crafts. Also Michael’s has a coupon for 30% off yarn purchase so go get that coupon if you havnt already got it in your email like I did.



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