Stash Buster – Football Cozies

Well in honor of football season starting I am sharing a project I just finished.


I crocheted these copies with some cheap acrylic white and brown yarn. The original pattern makes a great cozie for a beer or bottled drink. I altered it by takong out a brown round in the center to make it better fit a soda can. Though it was harder to make the laces look noce with less space. I may try a different solution on my next one so be on the look out for the results.

Here is the link for all the pattern information. There are even videos for both left and right handed instructions. As well as some other great football crochet projects. It comes from Maggie’s Crochet – Football Cozies.

These could also be great stash busters.  They also work great for a birthday gift or fathers day or like me just because it is football season. So go enjoy some monday night football.

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3 Responses to Stash Buster – Football Cozies

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  2. lol. My husband needs one of these mandatory coasters 🙂


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