Dishcloth Mania

So it had been way too long since I did a post with my knitting or crochet. This summer I have been getting busy making dishcloths. Mainly just trying out free patterns and see what ones I liked and didnt like. I may go back and post more in depth about some of these cloths. So stay tuned. 

So I like to call this one Granny’s Favorite Crochet dishcloth. It is a crochet version of the knit one. The actual name is different. I am actually currently making another one and going to try a little bit of a different border on it. I wasnt all that thrilled with my first attempt. it is hard to get the spacing on the edge even and know where to go since it is worked in the diagonal. I will keep you posted when I get it done. Still have the decrease side to do and border.

I love this sun flower. It is great if you have some scraps of brown and green. It would make a cute hot pad as well. just make two centers and then join with the green and then do the yellow petals. The yellow part does feel like it takes forever but so cute in the end.

The blue one is worked going around and around with no joining so the trick there is to use a marker.

The green one it super cute. kinda has a doily look to it. love the edging. I think I will be making more.

This one is knit. I have not been knitting much these days. I am in love with round dishcloths. But I thought this was a cute pattern. But I may never do it again the SSK was just so hard for me. I felt like I was going to break my good needles. And no one wants to feel that way. I did get some wonderful suggestions from people on Knitting Paradise. I may try them but I dont think I will ever do a SSK with cotton ever again. Not enough stretch to make it easy to do. So my Granny better love it because it took me forever.

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