Quiet Book – Barn Page

I want to go over each of the pages that my BFF and I did together. Not sure if I mentioned this but it is all made of felt and ribbon. Since we could not find the sewing machine foot we decided to hot glue it together. So far it is holding up pretty well. Though we did manage to burn our fingers a few times in the process of all these pages but in the end it was totally worth it.

Let’s start with the barn. It was the first page that we had all glued down. The barn was pretty simple. I just cut out a barn like shape. Then I made a duplicate of the bottom so make the doors that would open. The original idea made finger puppets for the animals but since my godson is only one and would just loose the puppets we decided that it would be better to just have them attached with a ribbon. They tuck into the little brown pocket.

I pretty much just made the animal up. The pig was pretty easy other then the ears. The chicken was the next easiest. Just a little red bumpy thing for the head comb and a beak. What was hard was the cow. He has silly ears and a silly nose. In fact my friend said it was a pig nose and well it is but it came out cute. I love that the doors open and the animal can go in and out. The barn didnt turn out too bad either. It was super hard to cut all the white pieces to be about the same thickness. I didnt measure I just cut and made it work. 
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