Stash buster – mug cozies

I decided I wanted to use up the tons of extra little bit of yarn that I have sitting around.  I love the idea of mug cozies. And they look cute. I also decided to make them for the bible study group that I am a part of as a little Christmas present. This one isn’t on the mug that I used for my measurements but as you can see it still fits just fine. 

The many I have completed
They are a little hard to tell what they are when flat so I plan on cutting out a piece of paper with a handle shape so that can tell what I am giving them.

Bulky Yarn and Size 9US needles

Worsted Weight Yarn and 7US needles
Mug Cozie Pattern 
(The mug I used was 10″ around, 3 1/2″ tall and the Handle was 2 1/2″ long and 1/2″ wide. These seemed to be the average of the mugs I have in my house. If the gap for the handle is not big enough it is ok. The yarn will stretch to fit, much like the picture.)

gauge is not super important though if too big the cozy will be too loose on the mug. The cast on number can be easily adjusted for your knitting and/or mug. 

Cast on: 50 sts (size 7US and Worsted weight yarn)
Cast on: 40 sts (size 9US and Bulky weight yarn)

K2 P2 to end follow the pattern for all rows
Row 3 – bind off 4 stitches and continue in the pattern. 
When about 3in high cast on 4 stitches at beginning of next row and continue the pattern for 2 more rows. Sew the tabs to the sides and your done.  
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