Knitted Baby Blocks

Here are the blocks again. Im going to say a little bit more about how I did them. Mine are 3″ blocks. THey are big but not too big for small hands. I used a free pattern as a jumping off point for how large to make them and how to sew them together best. That can be found here:

Then I just kinda decided that I was going to make different sides. I started with your basics of garter and stockinette. Then my favorite for the edge of dish cloths which is seed stitch. I did a few different basket weaves like the pattern that I listed above. After that I was running out of ideas. I made stuff up to just make different textures then the other sides. Once I was done with all the sides. I sewed them together like the pattern suggests. I just whip stitched them together with the tails that I left and then weaved the tails in and left them since they were going to be on the inside anyways. I sewed up the sides and the top and left one side open to stuff it from.

I wish that I had gotten foam to make blocks from but that involved buying something new. I do lots of crafts and so does my mom so I knew we had batting for quilting and normal stuffing. I took batting to line the sides. Try to keep the stuffing in as much as I can. Then I just stuffed with the stuffing and sewed up the last side. They were complete.

I decided to add a cute photo of my godson, Drake. He will be getting to play with these shortly.

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